Integrated High school(centre for Disabled Children) was started in 1985 on September 17th.

34 years of dedicated service making a difference with your participation, it gives me immense pleasure, when I roll back my memory for 34 years.

“A mother knows the travails of the confinement, rather than anyone else”. In the same sense the physical problems my late husband had made him to start this institution. To uplift the differently challenged community on the right lines has set up this institution.

This small idea branched out into a big institution which resulted in Integrated High school (centre for disabled children), serving the mentally retarded, cerebral palsy, physically disabled, hearing impaired along with the normal children with poor backgrounds.

During the past 34 years many known and unknown souls who made invisible sacrifices and effort by contributing their time, talent, treasure, leisure and pleasure resulting in the phenomenal growth and development of this institution, serving more than thousands of differently abled as well as abled children through more than 250 professionals.